Sunday, 19 August 2012

Things I'm loving...


A day or two late with this, but joining in with Meghan's great 'Things I'm loving' linky. Missed doing it the last few weeks!

This week I'm loving...

Brotherly love.

The older boys went back to school this week, so Alasdair was missing them a bit on the first day back. He was so excited to see them after school. When we met Calum and David the three of them played in the garden at school while we waited for James to walk down and meet us after his first day at high school - yikes!

Alasdair has been loving his scooter that he got for his birthday, although he still hasn't mastered the steering!

The biggest thing I loved this week was the anniversary treat myself and me beloved had. We left the boys with my brother and his wife then we headed off to a Country Club on Saturday morning.

After a wee pot of tea overlooking the golf course my hubs headed to the gym while I headed for the pool.

My idea of luxury is an empty swimming pool to myself and that's what I got! There were a few people in for a while but then it was only me. I haven't been for a child free swim in over 12 years so it was complete bliss! I felt that I needed to make the most of it though, so for two hours made sure I put those lengths in.

My hubs joined me in the pool for a little while and then it was time to go out for our lunch, and after all that swimming I was really ready for it!

Yes, of course I took photos of the food!

And of course I had to have chocolate tart for pudding!

We were back to pick the boys up by late afternoon so it was all very civilised!

Thanks again to my sister in law and brother for babysitting. It's now our turn to return the favour for them!


  1. Wow, school's back already! And that couple time looked wonderful....mouth drooling at that yummy food - so lovely to have you link up this week!

  2. Your country club get-away looks fabulous! It is hard to believe school is up and running again. How is James liking his new school?

  3. Great list of things to love!

    I never get tired of seeing my boys having so much fun together and getting along so well. Not that they always get along... ;) But when they do, it's a beautiful thing!!

    And your time as a couple - wow, it sounds wonderful!

  4. Oh wow!! I am so refreshed reading all about your fun!! Its such a beautiful place and the food is so lovely too!! Can't get over your beautiful tea time!!


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