Tuesday, 28 August 2012

All about 'cha

I was tagged by Sarah Jayne at the Lord's Lass to answer the following fun questions, so here goes!

(1) Blueberries or cherries?

Blueberries please. I do like cherries, fresh ones (I don't like the cherry pie filling type ones, nor any sort of cherry cola or sweets though) but I find eating a bowl of cherries with their stones in just a little bit fiddly! So, blueberries it is. Although I'd rather a raspberry or strawberry, but that's not the question is it?!

(2) Vanilla or chocolate?

You know me well enough by now, surely? It would have to be chocolate. It's a tough call though, because I do also love vanilla. I'm a big fan of the Body Shop vanilla shower gels and lotions too, but to eat, and forced to make a choice, chocolate would win.

(3) What is your favourite song?

Oh, dear. This is a really hard one. I have absolutely no idea! What can I say? I'm a musician, I can't just choose one song!

(4) What is your favourite activity?

Baking, cooking, crafting, music, spending time with my boys and my beloved? Again, I couldn't choose just the one.

(5) Have you ever left your country?

I have left the UK only 3 times and each time have been to France, although to different parts each time.

(6) What is on the floor of your closet right now?

Shoes, lots of them. Also a box full of balls of wool and another box full of sewing supplies.

(7) What did you do last night?

I helped out at the children's club at church, which the older three boys go to. Alasdair comes along too, now that I am a helper (because daddy still works away part of the week). Then it was back home to bath the boys, cream up and bandage Alasdair as per his eczema care routine, put the boys to bed, and then went to bed early myself!

(8) What are you most afraid of?

I'm not much of a worrier. Of course I am afraid of any harm coming to my boys, husband or other close family members, but it's not something that I'm constantly worrying over.

'Fear not, for I the Lord your God am with you.'

(9) If you had the option, would you choose a fun drink or an edible snack?

Oh, edible snack, every time!

(10) What is your favourite day of the week?

Well, I can't say I really have one, but I suppose it would be Thursday, because that's when my hubs comes home from working away up north (although every 3 or 4 weeks he comes home on a Wednesday)

(11) What is your favourite breed of dog?

I'm not a doggy person really, but I suppose my favourite breed would be a collie, for their hard working genes and their devotion.

Gosh there are a lot of questions to get through! We're nearly there!

(12) What is your favourite genre of literature?

Oh dear, I don't have one of these either! I will say that my favourite classic book to read, is Lewis Grassic Gibbon's 'Sunset Song' from his 'Scot's Quair' trilogy.

(13) Diamonds or pearls?

As a necklace, pearls. I have two precious pearl necklaces. One was given to me by my husband to wear on our wedding day, and the other was given to my granny by my grandad for their wedding day in the 50s. My engagement ring is diamond though. Funnily enough, the ring we chose is almost identical to the one that same granny had. I didnt ever pay any attention to her ring before we were engaged but we must have had similar tastes!

(14) What is your favourite type of flower?

I love flowers. My choice of favourite flower comes from the fact that it was the first type of flower given to me by my husband, who wasn't my husband back then, or even my fiancé. Anyway, it was a bunch of beautiful smelling freesias, for our one month dating anniversary. I wonder if he still remembers that?

The next flowers he bought me were roses, and so when we married I had freesias and roses in my bouquet.

(15) What is one item on your bucket list?

I don't have one of these either!

Phew, there we are then!

I'm passing the fun along and tagging Rachel from Dove of Snow and Jennifer from A little Islander.



  1. Aw thanks, Kirsteen! Glad I read this post, I almost didn't read it today and then I chose to and realized I'd been tagged! ;-) I loved reading all of your answers! I will definitely take this and run with it on my blog! LOL Have a blessed day!

  2. Fun post! I think I prefer Blueberries over cherries, but I like them both, too. I really love raspberry and strawberry as well. :)


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