Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Busy bees...

We were super busy here last week.

These two had the task of looking after the neighbours' chickens while they were away on holiday (that is, the neighbours were away, not the chickens!)

It was a task they took on very responsibly.

We spent one afternoon sorting out Lego mini figures.... heads with bodies and other parts.

They look good now they are done.



The main reason we were so busy was that we had Holiday Club (or VBS) on at church every morning. I was one of the leaders and so spent every morning running round doing various jobs, usually with a 3 year old attached to me!

On the last day we made pizzas as the craft which was great as I didn't need to fix lunch for us when we got home and could just collapse in a chair in the garden and enjoy the sun!

There was plenty chance for pottering around in the garden in the afternoons.

This little man has taken to wearing his hat backwards because that's what 'monkey George' (Curious George) does.


He likes to keep the pots well watered.


He and his brothers also kept well watered in the paddling pool, here he is heading out to it.



To end the Holiday Club fun we had a family BBQ at church on the evening of the final day.The parents of all the children who attended were all invited along. They heard about what the children had been learning, listened to the children singing and then everyone enjoyed the food.

It was a busy but very satisfying week.


  1. Its so nice to catch up with you Kirsteen, and your precious boys. Love the little guy with his "Curious George" hat. Zane and Winston (Marie and Elizabeth's boys) like Curious George too.

    Perhaps your two chicken sitters would like to come out here and take care of our chickens while we go on vacation? :) I can see they are top notch helpers. I am sure they are very much appreciated.

    Your jam in the previous post looks lovely.



  2. Lovely post - love seeing pics of the boys! Glad the VBS went well & the pizza looks delicious! :)

  3. Pam, so lovely to hear from you again! I hope you are doing OK and that your husband is back to full fitness. My boys would love to look after more animals! Calum (9) wants to be a crofter or farmer when he is older.

    Tanya, thanks :0)


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