Wednesday, 8 August 2012


James (12) and Calum (9) have been busy crafting this past week.

James is currently interested in reading all that he can about Sherlock Holmes, and so made up this model of the famous sleuth out of Polymer clay.



Meanwhile, Calum was making up a little box from scratch out of cardboard and paper mâché. He painted the finished box, filled it with sweeties and then gave it to his cousin as a birthday present.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished box before he handed it over!




While the bigger boys were occupied, myself and the younger two busied ourselves with some jam making.

A pan of rhubarb jam and one of raspberry.




James very kindly said, while scraping out the pan, that it was the best jam he had ever tasted.

That boy will go far :0)


  1. Fun projects! I *love* home-made jam, but we didn't get to it on time this year. :( Anyway, I'm sure James was right, as the picture alone almost made me drool! :D

  2. LOVE your jellies Kirsteen!! SO so beautiful!! wish I could come over and jam with you :)

    James IS getting so big and so handsome too!! Love his Sherlock Holmes model!!


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