Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Snow, Skye & a Quick Geography Lesson!

We came up to our Easter holidays at my parents via a short stay with some friends on Skye.

For those who don't know the Scottish islands, here is a little map to help you out! We are looking at the north-west of Scotland. About 20 years ago a bridge to Skye was opened so visitors (and locals) no longer have to worry about ferries.

From the north of Skye you can get a ferry to Harris, which is the same land mass as Lewis but classed as a seperate island, and then drive north for about an hour until you get to Lewis.

map of outer hebrides western isles map
map credit here

We usually come across to Lewis by driving further north on the mainland and getting the ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway. Although the drive takes you further north, there is much less driving time to go this way but the ferry crossing is longer, nearly 3 hours. Coming through Skye the ferry crossing is only 1 1/2 hours and a much calmer bit of sea too.

Despite the shorter, calmer ferry, I still prefer our usual way, but since we were staying with friends for a few days then the journey was broken up nicely.

So, background set, I thought I would share a few photos of our drive north, the day after the snow came down last week, as well as a few shots of our stay in Skye.

Once we had crossed over to Skye we left the snow behind us and arrived to beautiful blue skies.

This was the evening view from the front of the house we were staying in.

Our friends own a holiday cottage next to their own house. You can just see them both in the photo below. The holiday house is the one on the right. I did offer to give them a shameless plug, so if anyone is interested in a lovely wee cottage in a beautiful, peaceful part of the country then you can find out more here.

Skye is also known as Eilean a' Cheo (aylyan a chyaw) - the Island of the Mist.

There was plenty chance for outdoor adventures.

Everyone was asking me why was I photo of such a mundane thing as a post box, but I really liked the red against the green background!

We stumbled across a ruined Blackhouse. Anyone know what Blackhouses were?

We even managed to get to the wee beach across from the house.

Yes, that is one of my sons in the sea in April....

....and the yellow streak on the water is another of them trying out sea kayaking with their friends from the cottage and their friends' auntie.

I stayed nice and dry on the shore. I would like to say warm too but, well, it wasn't.

 The holiday adventures then continued across to Lewis where we still have a few days left to go.


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful! What a gorgeous country. I think, and I am having to dig way back in my very tired brain, that blackhouses were just homes that people and animals shared. Hope you are having a nice time in Lewis.

  2. I can't get over how lovely these pictures are Kirsteen. It would be so wonderful tome come and stay with your family. The sneery is gorgeous and I love the red mail box :)

  3. Oh..Kirsteen! These pictures are gorgeous!


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