Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Ah, remember all that beautiful sunshine last week? The cloudless skies, 20°C+ temperatures, the delight of spending a decent length of time outdoors again.

Remember also how I also knew it wouldn't last and determined to make the most of it?

Well, I'm glad I did now as this morning I was woken up by a very excited boy shouting, 'Mam! Mam! Tha sneachd ann!' (mam, mam, ha shnechg aoon) which translates as 'Mum! Mum! There is snow here!'

Sure enough, outside was a whiteout. Now normally I really don't mind the snow. I'm as excited as the boys when it starts to come down. In December. Or January.

In April, well, not so much.

After last weeks unseasonally high temperatures, the drop of around 20° today seemed all the more harsh. Thankfully at this time of year the snow doesn't last as long and the forecasters say it will be gone in a day or two.

The view this morning.

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  1. We got a foot of snow on Tuesday, and now it is almost all gone. It had gotten hot here as well...almost hotter than it seemed as if it should, so we are glad for the extra moisture, but I feel just like you do, once it is this time of year, I am tired of the snow and mud, and ready for Spring.

    Happy Birthday to your husband, that looked like a really, really fun birthday; and yes, I was just thinking how your husband looked just like your youngest son, I can see he looks like number two as well. I did a double take, thinking at first it he was one of your boys in the picture.



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