Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday Fun (and a history lesson too!)

It's no secret that we love history in the housefulofboys.

Nor is it a secret how much we (and I include myself here, as well as the boys) love Horrible Histories, especially the songs.

The latest series is on TV just now and it includes our new favourite song, which I have shared below.

Apparently some history experts have been critical of the show recently, accusing the makers of dumbing down or trivialising history. 

I totally disagree with them.

It has my boys interested in history, keen to learn more than what they see in the show, which turns them towards books on the subjects that they would probably not have been interested in without the spark of interest begun with the show. Phew, does that make sense?!

Anyway, here is the song.

I especially love how they used the voice of Churchill at the end. It gives the whole thing a more sombre, reflective tone after the fun of the song.

Have a great weekend ♥

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