Monday, 23 April 2012

Animation Time Again

On Saturday the local Mod took place here. The Mod, just for those who have never heard me talk of it before, is a Gaelic music/song/literary competition.

James & Calum had both been working hard for various competitions and came home with a few medals. David also took part in a competition with his classmates.

James was over the moon to win first place in the short film category with his latest animation. I was so pleased for him after all the hours of work he put into it. He also got a 2nd place in the chanter competition for his age group.

Calum won 1st place for the unseen Bible reading competition (Bible Gaelic is quite a bit harder than spoken Gaelic), and 2nd places for his solo accordion playing, written poetry and conversation. He also played in a little folk group with a few friends from his class, but more about them tomorrow.

Tonight, I thought I would share with you what is now officially an award winning animation from JAMINATIONS.

The story line (since it is all in Gaelic) is of a boy inventor. Some aliens want to kidnap him to make some new weapons for them and so come to earth to find him, resulting in a chase. One of the aliens accidentally takes a bomb back to their own planet, and that spells the end for them.

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  1. I love this one and the previous animations James has filmed! I know I said it last time I saw his work, but I really need to get my brother to see these videos. Maybe one day James can work with my brother Nathan :) Nathan being in film and all.


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