Monday, 9 April 2012

Make it Monday - An Assortment of Makes

Last week we came up to my parents' house for our Easter holidays but just because we are away doesn't mean the making has stopped!

David has been busy decorating some special Easter biscuits (cookies).

James made his first ever Banoffee Pie for our pudding yesterday. This was him making the caramel for it.

While they were busy doing that, Calum made up the mixture for his Yorkshire Puddings.

These are David's decorated biscuits. He made each one with a different pattern, and knew which pattern was for which person.

And here is the finished Banoffee. It didn't last for long!

Then today James was back in the kitchen. It was my dad's birthday today and while I made the birthday cake, James made up some figures to decorate the cake.

This is Roscoe, my parents' dog. The sugarpaste version!

Here is Roscoe in position on top of the cake, alongside my dad! James decided to make my dad and Roscoe with some golf clubs, and added a Bible, camera and golf club along the front. He did an amazing job.

My dad loved his cake, which he got at the end of a birthday banquet that my mum spent all day cooking - that's another make, I suppose.

As is making the table look pretty for the dinner.

The whole family are here to celebrate - both my brothers, my sister in law, 3 nephews and the 6 of us.

The final surprise came when the cake was sliced.....

Is anyone else busy with any makings over the holidays? If you have a blog feel free to post a link in the comments or if you don't then don't be shy in just leaving a comment about what you are making!


  1. Oh, the cake is fabulous on top and inside!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  2. I love banoffee pie, but find it sweet, so add less sugar, not easy tho!

  3. Thanks Bridget.

    Jenny, we don't add sugar to our banoffee. The caramel is condensed milk, butter and golden syrup. Still, I suppose these are super sweet too!

  4. I LOVE the cake!! SO SO FUN!!! And James is so talented!!! What a lovely birthday banquet, I am needing to get in gear for my Jonathan's birthday coming up in May. Have any cake ideas for me?
    ~ Marie

  5. Marie, you make such wonderful cakes, I don't think you need any ideas from me!


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