Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another Bear Grylls inspired activity!

As well as trying out a spot of sea kayaking last week, James (aka Mr Outdoors) put his shelter building and fire-building skills to the test.

Anyone who can remember back to last Easter, might remember that we went to a Ranger led Bushcraft Skills morning and learnt to build these shelters. You can see the post about them here.

That was before James had really heard of Mr Grylls though, and this time he set about building his shelter and fire with a whole new enthusiasm!

He built it all himself, with only things he found lying around the croft.

He also got the fire going himself, without the use of matches - he used a flint instead.

Here, some of his friends pop by for a visit!

And to warm up by the fire.....

...which shows up better in this photo!

Despite the heavy influence of 'Born Survivor'/'Man V Wild' I'm pleased to say that no bugs, and only mum's home baking, were eaten by the fire!

Gaelic word of the day ( I think we may have had this one before, but anyway...):
Teine (chen-ye) - fire


  1. Good job, James! Very nice shelter! Your boys are SO fun! I love seeing what they are up to!
    Have a great day!

  2. That is a terrific shelter and fire! We love Man v Wild here! I can't wait for Winston to be at the age of enjoying Bear Grylls like your boys do! :D


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