Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Mod, part 2

At the prizegiving. Don't they look handsome in their choir uniforms? I'm not sure why David looks so serious in the background!

A couple of months ago Calum came home from school saying that he and one of his friends wanted to do a folk group for the Mod. They had asked a few others in their class to join them too but needed help with choosing the music and practicing.

Given their enthusiasm, I was only too keen to offer some help, and when they mentioned it to their teacher she very kindly said that I could go into school to coach them there - the pupils at the Gaelic school come from right across the city and outlying areas and the easiest way to get together and practice was when they were already together at school!

They finally settled on the band members - Calum on accordion, his friend on guitar and two of the girls from their class on clarsach. I chose and arranged the music for them and once a week for about 6 weeks Alasdair and I would stay in school after dropping the boys off in the morning, and spend a while teaching their little folk group.

The folk group competition at the Mod is an open one for any age of school pupil and so they were by far the youngest competitors - one group was made up of girls who must have been at least 16!

This didn't phase them at all, and they did us proud. 

I was filming them on my phone, with Alasdair asleep in my arms, and so one of the girls' mums who was sitting next to me offered to take over the filming for me. As I handed the phone over, one of us hit the stop button and so the recording I have is in two parts! 

Tonight's entertainment for you all is the second song from their set. The two songs the played were 'Calum's Road' and 'Domhnall Beag an t-siucar'.

After a wee intro to the second tune they sing a verse each (boys then girls) which is tricky to hear on the recording as their voices weren't mic-ed but you get the idea!

Just remember if they hit the big time (or if James does with his animations, see yesterday's post) that you saw it here first :0)

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  1. That was wonderful!!!! I love how musical you and your family are. Maybe one day you can have the boys record you playing one of your favorite pieces on the piano? I would love to hear you play! :)


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