Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Something fun for a Tuesday

I bought this sheet music the other day because the boys love the theme, and James is keen to learn it on the trombone.

The shop didn't have a trombone version so I just bought the piano version, I'll write out a trombone version from this.

Everyone loves this tune so I hope it makes you smile :0)


  1. Hehehd! What fun - it def made me smile! :D

  2. Smashing - hope we'll get a wee video of James playing it soon too.

  3. It made me smile! I loved the pink panther cartoon when I was really little. ..I never knew what it was about, just liked the song and the pink cat. ;)

  4. Definately made us smile...and then say our favorite quote from one of the movies..."I thought you said your dog didn't bite,........That's not my dog.."


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