Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Autumnwatch 2 - A walk in the woods

We're a traditional bunch, who like our routines in the houseful of boys.

Sunday lunch is almost always a roast, and it is almost always followed by a walk through the woods to burn off some little boy energy before the evening service at church. Mums of boys will know where I'm coming from here!

Some of you might remember back in the Spring-time that I invited you all along on this stroll to share the loveliness of Spring.

Today I'd like to invite you back with us to enjoy these woods in their Autumn splendour which, although chillier, in my opinion is far more splendid.

First my official Autumnwatch photo for this week. I got a better angle of the leaves this week.

This time I stood right at the end of our little street. The woods where we are headed are on the right hand side of the picture above.

Once you cross the road, you see this:

A picture perfect autumn wood.

One of the first things we spotted was not so much a sign of Autumn but had us thinking ahead to Christmas - and how nice a sprig of this would be on top of the Christmas pudding!

But then we continued into the magical land of Autumn.

The boys were imagining all sorts of creatures, real and make-believe, who might live in here.

Then on to meet our little friends, the ducks.

Since I was paying close attention to the foliage and looking for the colours, I noticed that there are actually quite a lot of trees in the woods who have completely lost all of their leaves already.

After reaching the duck pond, we usually head up the hill......

.........where there are no proper paths...............

.........and you become thankful that you wore your big winter boots!

There are a group of volunteers who look after the woods, and so in some places there are these little wooden walkways over the worst of the mud.

To a little boys eyes, these walkways are most definitely 'choo-choo' tracks. Alasdair is pretending to be Henry here. To a slightly older little boys eyes, the mud surrounding the walkways is far more appealing and you can also see Calum, second closest to the camera here, ankle deep in mud!

At the top of the hill we get back to the more solid paths.

But going off-road is far more fun.

While mummy looks for some more autumn colour....

.....David helps Alasdair over an obstacle.

Now, this next photo I'm quite pleased with.

I got a new camera last month and decided to test out the self-timer feature. Since dad had had a busy week we left him at home having a wee post-dinner snooze when we went out for our walk. I found a tree stump at the perfect height and managed to jump into the photo just in time!

Brrr, a clear blue sky with the moon out and the sun setting fast.

Time to head home and have a slice of this,

(Apple and Bramble Pie)

and a cup of tea.

Thanks for coming along with us!


  1. So beautiful..I loved 'being' on this walk with you...great work on the self-timer too :-)

  2. Thanks so much for taking us on your walk! It was truly lovely! I love the picture of you w/ your boys! Very fun!

  3. What a glorious Sunday afternoon walk! I love your new camera and the picture of you and your little men. So sweet! And boy does Apple Bramble Pie sound amazing! It looks so pretty in the picture as well!


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