Monday, 21 November 2011

Another day, another walk!

Let's start this week off with another walk. A bit different from the last one I posted, I promise.

We spent Saturday afternoon walking in the Pentland hills with my husband's sister and her trusty collie dog Cuilean (coo-lan, which is the Gaelic for 'doggy').

A crisp, fresh walk was the best medicine for us, as myself and the boys had all been laid low last week with a vomiting bug - bleugh, not nice trying to look after 4 sick boys when you are sick yourself, but at least having it all together meant that we got over it quicker, rather than the bug slowly making it's way through everyone.

So, by Saturday we were all recovered, and since my husband was working away when the worst of the bug hit us, he has so far remained clear of it. 

My sister in law and her dog are avid hill walkers so this was very much a gentle stroll for her. Most Saturdays they can be found climbing the Munroes around the country but with the days getting shorter she will be taking things a bit easier for a while.

The Pentlands are her nearest hills, a 5 minute drive from her house (about 20 minutes from ours) and lie just on the edge of Edinburgh. The loch you can see in some of the pictures below is one of the reservoirs for the city.

Can you spot Cuilean swimming in to retrieve his stick?

Little legs get tired after a while and need a helping hand.....

.....that's what daddys are for!

I'm thinking this will be on our Christmas cards this year.....

....or this.........

....or this one is quite fun too.


Finishing our walk as the sun was setting added to the adventure for the boys!


  1. Kirsteen, I can't believe you live near such beauty. I feel like I took a walk with you all. I loved taking my time over all the beautiful pictures.

    So glad you are all feeling better. It is no fun when mommy is sick too :(

    Please give my love to your precious little men for me :)

    Much Love

  2. You live in a beautiful land, Kirsteen!

    That looks like a lovely walk. And such sweet family pics! I love the one where you're all standing and holding hands! :)

  3. You did post them on your blog! What a glorious place to live! I have kept your blog open on my computer screen for a couple of days now and seeing it always sets a peaceful atmosphere in me :) This areas is just beautiful! I love it when you all take walks and then share with us! :)


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