Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Birthday Boy

Although we were all sick last week, I was so thankful that the bug hit us when it did and not a few days earlier.

Had it done so, then this little man,

or should I say big man, as he is sure he has grown a few inches since turning six, wouldn't have had such a fun birthday!

He loved the bike. 

It's a touch on the big side for him. I told him it will be the perfect size for him by the time proper cycling weather comes round again, but he is determined it is the proper size for him right now and whenever the weather suits he is out in the back garden trying to master it! 

That pretty much sums up his character.

He loved all of his presents in fact.

This game below is so much fun. I would definitely recommend it if anyone is looking for a game that suits all ages. 

It's the Playdough Potato Head game. 

You have to get your potato, made out of playdough, round the board without getting chopped/sliced up/turned into chips (fries)/crisps (chips).

If you land on one of the squares in the machine, you have to wait nervously and hope that no-one else spins the square that destroys you. Meanwhile everyone else is hoping that they do get that square - well, that's how it goes in out house anyway!

James was my kitchen assistant for the cake. 

He did a marvelous job of colouring the white fondant icing green and then rolling it out. He also piped on the icing, although stopped before doing the name, and added the footballers.

He's a big fan of Ace of Cakes.

To celebrate David's birthday we went with the cousins to Soft Play, out for dinner to the Carvery Restaurant, then back here for cake and another game of Potato Head.

Here are the boys and their cousins with the birthday boy. He is wearing the Scotland football top that he got from his cousins.He loves it so much that he would sleep in it if he could. I almost have to wrestle it off him to get it in the wash!


  1. Looks like a great birthday! That game looks fun! My boys are all agreeing that it would be fun to have (my girls too!)
    Kirsteen, the cake is awesome! You are amazing!

  2. Oh I so enjoyed this post! That cake is AMAZING!!!!!! LOVE IT Kirsteen! Also I want this game, not just for the kids but for me, sounds like so much fun!! I will have to keep my eyes out for it :)

    Please congratulate David on his Birthday from all of us!!
    Much love
    ~ Marie

  3. I love his smile in the last picture. The Potato head game looks like great fun. Happy Birthday David!
    Much Love,

  4. Happy Birthday David! What a happy birthday, delicious and skilled looking cake and that game looks like it is amazing fun! I can't wait to keep my eye out for it now when I am shopping :)

    All the boys are so cute and happy. Such precious boys Kirsteen....


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