Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Biscuits

One of our Christmas traditions is baking Christmas biscuits together.


A couple of days ago I had this as the activity in David and Ally's advent activity calendar.


Because Ally can't handle anything with raw egg in it I made up a batch of these easy biscuits from Allergy Adventures blog. We adapted them slightly by leaving out the lemon and adding a teaspoon of mixed spice instead.



Because there was no egg in them Ally was able to do all the rolling and cutting by himself, and what a great job he did of them too.
Although he is the only boy with no allergies, David still made a free from biscuit so that everyone could eat them. He used my usual Christmas Biscuit recipe, which you can find here. The boys with egg allergies, as I've mentioned before, are fine to eat egg in biscuits and cakes. They just can't handle raw egg or eat egg on its own. We made these without the stained glass middle bits but we are planning on making a batch of the stained glass ones for the tree.
David took his job very seriously and can't wait to make another batch.


Two batches of biscuits were made on Monday.


It's now Wednesday and there is nothing in that tin but crumbs!


  1. They look yummy I hope there will be some left for Gran, Shen and Ally next week.

  2. They look delicious. Its making me hungry.


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