Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The countdown is on...

Come on in and let me show you around our festive decor!


I should add, that in the interests of keeping it real I didn't move that bundle of clothes to the back left of the tree. They were just waiting there until I got the iron out. Consider it an act of public service that I kept them in shot - so that no one else feels bad if they don't have a Pinterest Perfect house!

The DIY pictures I shared last week have been joined by a few extra additions.
This snowman is Calum's favourite decoration. He bought it at a school Christmas fair for about £1 when he was in the early years of Primary school.
These snowmen were made by David (9) and Ally (5) last week. It was the activity from one day of their advent activity calendar.
At the bottom of the fireplace are these little carol singers. They can usually be found in all sorts of positions these days as Fraser (1) likes to get his hands on them! Sharp eyed readers might also notice that one of them is rather gruesomely missing a head! He was the victim of a freak accident with the Hoover last year - it fell backwards, landing on the fireplace and taking this poor man's head off! His head is safely in a bag somewhere but we haven't got round to fixing it on yet!
Our tree is a Caring a Christmas Tree, as it has been for quite a few years now. The money raised goes to the homeless charity my hubby works for.


The tree is decked with ornaments that are full of memories.








And the Playmobil advent calendar scene is filling up nicely!



  1. Those frames look so cute on your fireplace! It's a good tip for next year :-)

  2. I loved seeing your tree and all of your decorations. All of those decorations are always so special and carry a sweet memory don't they? Hope your Christmas was a special one. Many Blessings through the New Year.
    Much Love,


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