Friday, 12 December 2014

Free Printable Chalkboard Christmas Decorations

I was going to leave my latest make for Monday's Make it Monday post but it's so pretty that I couldn't wait any longer!

These three pictures are the beginning of my Christmas mantle decorations for this year.

If you are on Pinterest then you can't have avoided all the lovely chalkboard art that is around just now.

I quite fancied making a big chalkboard wall somewhere in the house and writing out lots of things to keep us organised, as well as verses and phrases that I love. I would have to practice my chalkboard fonts as well of course.

Until I do though, there are plenty lovely people online who have shared their free printables with us all.

These three were my favourite Christmas ones.

You can find this one here.

You can find this one here.

You can find this one here.

It was so simple to make these and the best thing was that I found the frames in Poundland, so the whole thing cost me £3 plus a little bit of ink from our printer.

I love the frames so much that I think after Christmas I will have to find some non-Christmassy printables and put them in instead!

In other Christmas decor news, we chose our tree tonight! The lights are on and we are leaving the branches to settle overnight before decorating the rest tomorrow.

All together now - 'It's beginning to look a lot like............

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  1. I love these. Now it makes sense that you could print these out… I will have to do that. Steve painted a big mirror with chalkboard paint for me, when we remodeled the dining room and kitchen in our Colorado house. I loved having it, but it took me a little time and effort to chalk in the verse I wanted, and the same verse remains there to this day, because I haven't gotten around to changing it; I like idea of printing it.


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