Monday, 15 December 2014

Make it Monday - Snowman Breakfast

On Saturday morning the boys' advent activity calendar told them that they were going to have a special surprise breakfast.

David (9) and Ally (5) were told to keep out of the kitchen while Calum (12) and I set it up, along with our little helper Fraser - it was a little early for James (14) to be up on a Saturday morning so he joined us all when everything was ready for eating!

I wish I could say it was my own idea, but I have to admit that once again my friend Pinterest was the source of my inspiration. I found this post here with a snowman breakfast and thought how much the boys would enjoy this variation on their usual weekend pancakes.

We don't have any plain glasses so Calum decorated some jam jars with Sharpies. Then we filled them up with milk to make them more snowman-like. We put the lids back on, with each boy's initial so that we would know which ones had the cows milk and the dairy free milk in them!

For the pancakes I used my trusty gluten free and dairy free pancake recipe, which you can find here.

I started off making one big and one smaller pancake and placing them together as I thought a joined up one would be too hard to flip around. But then I got a little braver and tried one out, with some success!

The buttons and face are made out of dairy free chocolate drops, the nose is a little writing icing that you get in those wee tubes and the snow is some mini marshmallows (just check the ingredients as not all are allergy friendly. I'm pretty sure the Cake Angels brand have either milk or wheat in them - can't remember which but I do know there was one of the two in them the last time I checked!)

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  1. Now this is very sweet. I can see my own grandsons loving this one. I can imagine that Marie and Elizabeth are already inspired by it. Your pancake snowmen came out great (by the way).


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