Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Holiday Makings via some majestic birds!

Well, after me raving about the beautiful weather, today took a definite autumnal twist!


Firstly we visited an old country house, parts of which, like those in the photo below, date from the 1400s.









It didn't seem too chilly as the boys ran around the grounds and we were constantly on the move.


But after a picnic lunch we went to a Birds of Prey place, which included a 2 hour demonstration of various birds of prey flying around and over us, as well as the chance for the boys to get up close with the birds.













It was a great display of the birds but sitting down outdoors for 2 hours was more than a little chilly! So, if you are still with me, I was quite happy that I had finished off my latest make a couple of days earlier.



I saw these wrist warmers on the lovely My Rose Valley's Instagram account and just had to make them as soon as she released the pattern.
I've had my eye on her Nordic Shawl pattern for some time now but I can't justify buying any more crochet patterns just now with my rather long crochet to-do list, although the temptation is very great!
The wrist warmers are in a similar style to the shawl and looked nice and quick to make. Something that wouldn't take up too much of my Christmas present making time.
And they were very practical on a day like today too!



As a little foot note, does anyone else think that the falconer (or whatever you call a person who works with birds of prey) looks like Bernard Cribbens?!


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