Friday, 3 October 2014

Birthday celebrations

The birthday boy was delighted with his new shinty stick, and that the tape on it was indeed in the colours of Lewis Camanachd, dubh agus gorm (du agus gorum) - black and blue. He has been testing it out in the garden, whacking balls off the garden shed (and his 8 year old brother!)

He was indeed, as I hoped, not too old to appreciate a crocheted gift.
Especially if it involves Minions!
It's something of a tradition now that Calum has his best friend round for a birthday dinner and sleepover to celebrate his birthday.
His choice of birthday dinner was homemade battered sweet & sour chicken. Gluten & dairy free of course.


It's on my 'to-share' list for my Family Dinners posts!
I made some birthday cupcakes for him rather than a big cake and he was happy with that.
Originally I had planned to make cupcakes for us to have last night on his actual birthday and then a cake to have tonight on his official birthday dinner, which is what we usually do if a boy's birthday falls during the week and they have friend(s) round at the weekend. But Alasdair (5) has been unwell this week with a bad chest. I had him at the doctors yesterday as his asthma was worsening all week to the point that his inhalers hardly seemed to be giving him any relief. The doctor confirmed a chest infection and has put him on a few days of oral steroids as well as a course of antibiotics. Then last night Fraser developed a cough and hasn't been his usual cheery self today at all. So baking a second cake was the last thing I wanted to do today!
Thankfully the cupcakes I made were, in my humble opinion, rather cool. Calum agreed and was more than happy to skip the second cake, especially since I had made a double batch of these.
Soldier Camo Cupcakes.






Perhaps another to add to my 'to-share' list.



Now Calum is hoping that the rain eases off and that shinty training isn't cancelled tomorrow morning so that he can try out his caman (stick)!

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  1. It all looks fantastic!!!! I love Calum' s shinty stick...xxxx


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