Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A few more holiday snaps - courtesy of Auntie Anna

I know I've already shared a few photos of our wee holiday to Cumbria a couple of weeks ago, but these ones are some that my sister in law took, and she got a few snaps of things that I didn't.
For example, I didn't think to take one of the outside of the house, which was built in the 1700s.
Nor did I think to take one of the living room - this was before we arrived, as it's nice and tidy!
She took some photos of the boys working....


....and just chilling.
Of course there were a few hill waks that she took Calum, and sometimes David, on and I wasn't with them.
'Do you think Auntie Anna really knows the way, Calum.'






I really like this one she took of all of us on our long Sunday afternoon walk. This was at the point where myself, hubs and the younger two boys turned around to go back to the house.


The older three boys continued for an extra few miles and reached the ridge at the top.





And finally, it's always good to go out with Auntie Anna and her camera as it's a good chance to get a rare photo of us all together.
I think one of these will make the Christmas card this year.



















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