Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A spot of music

It's been a while since I shared some music on here so let's put that right.


Calum, now thoroughly settled in at high school, started trumpet lessons two weeks ago. With James still playing the trombone and one of my nephews learning a baritone horn I've been telling them that I'm going to get them together as a mini brass band to go out and play Christmas carols in December. I'm only half joking too!


Anyway, don't worry, tonight's clip isn't of Calum's trumpet playing after only two weeks of lessons. It is, rather, his old favourite the accordion. He hasn't been playing it much over the summer and since he's never had lessons for it there isn't the same incentive to practise. He loves to learn new tunes on it though and so when he decides he wants to learn a new one, out it comes.


Last night he asked if I would teach him the Skye Boat Song, and here he is playing it 24 hours later, accompanied by yours truly.


Now before you watch it I should apologise for the strange camera angle! Dad was out, James was busy keeping Fraser quiet and David & Alasdair were playing in another room so we didn't have anyone to hold it! I just placed my phone on the piano and hoped for the best! It's the music you are listening to anyway!






  1. Beautiful! It took me about 3 seconds to realize I recognized the song (not from the title). I started singing the words and realized it is from the new show "Outlander". I think I read that the real words are about Bonnie Prince Charlie escaping to Skye after the defeat at Culloden. You both did a fantastic job.

    1. Thanks Wendy. Yes, it is about Prince Charlie and Flora Macdonald escaping to Skye.

      I haven't seen Outlander, I don't think it's on over here yet. Some conspiracy theorists are saying that we weren't allowed to see it before the Referendum in case it stirred up too much Nationalism in us! I don't think that's true though as often we get to see things after they have been shown in the US. I have a couple of friends who are big fans though and desperate for it to be shown!

    2. While no show can ever really do justice to a book (in my opinion), The Outlander series has done a great job so far of depicting the characters, the history and the beauty of Scotland. The song that you played (it has different words for the show) really sets the stage for the story.

  2. Fantastic - Really well done Calum!

  3. Well done Calum (and mum) keep practising and you'll have a few new tunes for us to hear at Christmas.
    From a proud Gran. Xxxx


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