Friday, 17 October 2014

A little more holiday fun.

At the end of a week of holiday exploring a new area, here are a few more of our highlights.

We didn't go out on a boat on any of the lakes but Fraser & Ally did enjoy a wee look around one of the ones that was 'parked' by our picnic site in Keswick.

Not all of our activities were outdoors ones. One day we visited the Rheged Discovery Centre, which is a place with a little bit of something for everyone. While James (14) went with his dad and grandad to watch a documentary about D-Day in 3D at the iMax cinema, I took Calum (12), David (8) and Alasdair (5), and Fraser too of course, to do some pottery painting. Meanwhile Granny and Auntie Anna visited the shops and one of the cafes.

Alasdair chose to paint a monkey as it reminded him of his favourite character 'Monkey George' (Curious George).

Another day we discovered the fun hybrid of Footgolf! It is just as it sounds - a golf course where you kick a football around instead of hitting a golf ball around.

The holes are extra large so that the football fits in!

Apart from the cold day at the Birds of Prey centre, we had such beautiful weather all week and spent our last afternoon climbing to see a waterfall beside Lake Ullswater.

This really was a much higher spot to stand than it looks on the photo! Walking down the slippery stone steps with Fraser in the sling was a little tricky!

At the end of the trail were these fun wooden shapes.

To finish with, here is a 'selfie' of this little man in his sling, where he spent many a long walk throughout the week and remained his contentedly chilled, happy little self.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful holiday. I've often dreamed of taking the grandkids to paint the ceramics/pottery like that and have it fired at their kiln. It looks such fun. The mountains, streams and woods are just beautiful, and so are your pictures. It won't be long until James is as tall as his Dad. Have a great week.


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