Thursday, 1 May 2014

Quick Lollipop Flowerpot Craft


I made up a selection of these little flower pots to give as gifts at Christmas time.
Thinking ahead now to the end of the school term in a couple of months, these would make a slightly different than usual teacher gift.
They are so quick & easy to make that even if you think of yourself as non crafty I'm pretty sure you could rustle this one up!
Not only is it quick & easy to make but it's also not going to break the bank.


All you need is:
A smallish terracotta flower pot
A couple of sheets of green tissue paper
A bag of lollipops
A circle of florists foam to fit your pot (Hobbycraft sell these small ones in packs of three)
All you need to do is rip off a rough square of tissue paper, fold it over a little if you want, and pierce the lollipop stick through the middle of it.


You will have a strange shaped green 'leaf' on your lollipop flower that you can now crumple up a little bit more around the flower.


Then just stick the lolly sticks into the florist foam.


Once I was happy with the position of all of my 'flowers' then I reshaped the 'leaves' a bit better to hide the florist foam below.





  1. Such a clever idea! do you wrap them or give as is? thanks!

  2. What a cute idea. It would be perfect for a teachers gift as you said. I could think of many ways to use it.
    Thanks Kirsteen


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