Monday, 26 May 2014

7 months old

7 months old and continuing to delight everyone with his beautiful little personality.
His brothers all dote on him, and who can blame them?!
It's three weeks now since he learned how to roll from his back to his front. A week ago he learned how to go from front to back again and will sometimes go over two or three times.
I found this batch of photos on the iPad that the boys took of him. They were so cute that I couldn't leave any of them out, so be prepared for baby overload!
These are Fraser with Ally (4) in the background. Ally is wearing one of Fraser's bibs because he wanted to be a cowboy that day :)


And these were taken with his biggest brother James (14). I suspect that Calum (11) was the photographer of both sets of photos!
Despite how content he looks in all these photos of him on his tummy, he does soon get tired of it and want either rolled back again or picked up.
Another couple of milestones.
Just over a week ago he cut his first tooth. It's at the bottom but hard to see as he always sticks his wee tongue over it when you try and look in his mouth! He has always loved to chew on his thumb, but he's not a thumb sucker, and has occasionally given himself a wee shock when he bites it with his new tooth!
The second milestone was the introduction of solid foods yesterday. I didn't plan to wait until he was seven months and had meant to begin when he turned six months, but, well, I just didn't get around to it! Besides, he's not exactly wasting away on his mummy's milk!
The other boys were so excited for him to have his first taste of food.




He had a little bit of puréed mango & apple and he seemed rather impressed by it.



As you can see!



He was eager to try again at lunchtime today and now the excitement of introducing lots of different foods begins.


Sticking with food, last week when Alasdair had a dermatology appointment the doctor told us that she had just that morning received the results of Fraser's food allergy blood test and written to the dietician and our GP. We still haven't received our copy of the letter but she said that from what she could remember he has the same allergies as Calum (11) and Alasdair (4) - dairy, wheat and egg. She couldn't remember if he was allergic to nuts or not.


I really hoped he would be spared the food allergies but I suppose at least we know what we are doing by now.


Food allergies and eczema don't affect how beautiful and perfect he is!




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