Saturday, 3 May 2014

The return of Bake it like Berry



A little over a year ago I set myself the challenge of baking my way through Mary Berry's Baking Bible.


Only a couple of weeks after I started it I discovered I was expecting Fraser. And then the pregnancy sickness hit me! Even just the thought of cakes made me feel ill for all 9 months and so I only baked the essentials - the usual free from bakes for Calum and Alasdair.


I had to stop scrolling through my Pinterest feed, usually filled with lots of inspiration for yummy cakes, as even looking at cake made me feel sick!


I didn't want to forever associate the Baking Bible with how horrible I felt and so I postponed my challenge.


Those of you who followed my pregnancy updates will remember how out of character I felt by this dislike of sweet things. It wasn't new to me though, as in each pregnancy I have felt the same.


Now that Fraser is 6 months old, and in some sort of a routine, I'm ready to take on the challenge again. I should also add that he was more than worth every moment of that sickness.


So, here's what I tried out this week....


Firstly, some Double Chocolate Cookies.


These were so, so easy to make. They were so good that James (14) made up a second batch a couple of days after I had made the first.
Secondly was this Lemon Swiss Roll.


The recipe is actually the same as the one I use for our Jam Rolly Polly (recipe in the recipes tab above) but with some lemon zest added. I told Calum (11) that I was going to make this and asked if he wanted it made free from, as Jam Rolly Polly is one of his favourites, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of lemon! So I didn't.
It was a really lovely and light cake.


Finally I made some simple Griddle Scones.


Each weekend we have pancakes for breakfast and I always my granny's griddle for them but it was scones just like these that my granny used to make all the time.


Again, another simple recipe. These could easily be rustled up quickly for a last minute visitor and don't even need an egg in them.
They were especially good warm from the griddle and reminded me of summers at my granny's when she would bake endless batches of scones on the old stove. All that was missing was granny's homemade Rhubarb Jam!


So that's the roundup for this week. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of the kitchen this coming week!


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