Friday, 23 May 2014

Bake it like Berry - Cakes and more cakes

Since I didn't get round to posting about last week's bakes here they are along with this week's.
The first thing I baked from the book after the last bakes I shared was Mary's Key Lime Pie, which was absolutely delicious. I made it to have for pudding one night when we had friends round and as I sat down with it I remembered I had forgotten to take a photo. 'Never mind, I'll take a photo of the leftovers afterwards,' I thought, as I didn't want to take one there at the dinner table. Later on in the evening, when we had all left the table, my husband sat down next to me and confessed that when he had been topping up the coffees in the kitchen he had also polished off the rest of the Key Lime Pie as he had enjoyed it so much!
I have since made the same pudding again, this time when my parents were round for dinner, and again it didn't last long! Again, no photo!
Next bake was this Coffee Traybake. Mary's recipe is actually for a Coffee and Walnut Traybake but I wasn't going to add the nuts for our household. I also made it gluten and dairy free and it worked perfectly. I really liked the generous quantities of coffee icing for the top of the Traybake.


One of Calum's favourite cakes is a gingerbread and so as he flicked through the Baking Bible one afternoon, he asked if we could try one of the gingerbread recipes. There are two or three of them in the book. We chose the traditional gingerbread recipe and again made it gluten and dairy free. It is a similar recipe and method to the gingerbread recipe we make (see wheat free recipes tab) but Mary adds a lot more treacle than we use. This recipe didn't ask for icing on top but Calum loves icing on gingerbread and so we added some to this one too.



The final new bake this week was this really beautiful Lemon Cake. It was so light and lemony. A perfect summer sponge cake. I took some along to our parents' craft group at the boys' school this morning and the empty tin I took home spoke for itself!


As well as these new bakes we've also made a couple more batches of those delicious chocolate cookies from the last Bake it like Berry post and another batch of the griddle scones.


There are so many lovely looking recipes in this book that I can hardly decide what to add to my to do list for next week!



  1. Kirsteen, I think I'm gaining weight just reading your blog! Everything looks delish! and are some of our favorite flavors too!.
    I'm excited for the boys to get to meet up w/ your family! Thank you for working it out!
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Your blog is my favorite!! not only do you bring back memories of me as a stay-at-home mom raising FOUR boys( Henry, 25; Charlie, 22; Sam, almost 19; and Ben, turning 15 in December) but I have celiac disease and Ben is lactose sensitive. your recipes are truly a Godsend!!!

    So glad Fraser is doing so well with the Milton baths. His skin is sooo much improved. and seven months old already! the time goes by too quickly. Your blog will be like a scrapbook for all to relish !! What a handsome husband and sons you have and in each other, such a loving family. Keep up the good work. A mother at home is the best occupation as the boys you nurture now will be such strong, loving, and secure fine men because of this time you spend building a relationship with them. Trust me, I know. The sign above my desk says it all: "The most important things in life aren't things." You know that!..It oozes from your writing, photos, and careful food prep for your boys's diets and nutritional needs. Again, thanks for sharing. From MY house full of boys to yours, I send you my admiration and prayers for you all, especially Fraser for continued clear and healthy skin.


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