Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Boy meets girl - the very beginning

I love to read stories of how other couples met. When I was going through the old photo albums looking for photos for my dad's birthday recently I came across some early ones of me and my husband together, and it reminded me of our story.


To start it we need to go back to the summer of 1995. Which was longer ago than I always think it was!


I was just finished school and hoping to go to Glasgow University to study for an MA, a general arts degree, and hoping to choose Music and Gaelic as my two main subjects. I was going to follow in my dad's footsteps as he had an MA from Galsgow Uni and Gaelic had been one of his subjects. On top of this, all of my school friends were heading to Glasgow as well.


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When our exam results came through I was a grade short of what I needed to get to Glasgow.


It wasn't my only option though. I also had the offer of a place to study for a Bachelor of Music.


But it was in Edinburgh.


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And I knew absolutely nobody in Edinburgh or heading to Edinburgh to study.


To some people that might not be the biggest deal, but for me it was. I'm not a naturally outgoing person. Well I am a lot more so now, but when I had just turned 18 I certainly wasn't!


I also had the valid excuse that having left things so late to accept a place in Edinburgh, I had nowhere to live.


My dad suggested that he phone a fellow minister in Edinburgh to ask if he knew of anywhere I could stay. If he could find me somewhere to stay then that was one of my major excuses out of the window!


As it happened, the minister's son was also home that day. He had just finished at University in Aberdeen and was home for a few days as he had a job interview in Edinburgh. It was he who knew that one of the girls in his dad's church was looking for a new flatmate and got her number for us.


There went my excuse.


The girl not only became my flatmate and one of my best friends, but she would also be the chief bridesmaid at my wedding.


Not just that, but the minister that my dad had phoned would become my father in law and his son who was there that day my dad phoned would become my husband.


It's a good thing I didn't get that grade after all!


To be continued.......




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  1. Aw... I love the boy meets girl stories! Looking forward to the next installment.
    Gillian D
    (Not a weird stalker, our hubbies know each other through work, Alan's working with Community Money Advice)


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