Saturday, 19 April 2014

Things I'm loving...

While we were in Lewis last week the older three boys and one of their cousins spent a couple of days shinty training with Lewis Camanachd. The team had organised for some of their players to do some coaching for children, calling it their Shinty Camp.


David (8) came out on the second day with this huge Easter egg, his prize for being 'player of the camp'. He was very kind and shared his egg with all of us!




We loved the chance for the boys to spend time with their 90 year old great granny. Fraser is starting to get a little bit shy with people and so cried the first couple of days we tried sitting him on my granny's knee. She was delighted though, when after a few days he would sit happily on her knee - although he couldn't sit on her for long as he's a heavy wee thing!


We loved the - mostly - great weather while we were away (and since we've been back), and getting back into the outdoors life after the winter.














Calum (11) still wants nothing more than to be a crofter.




The day we left the island was beautiful sailing weather. Somewhere across that horizon is mainland Scotland.


The boys entertained themselves nicely on the ferry. So much so that an older man came across to me at one point and said, 'I don't know what you paid for those boys but whatever it was it was a bargain! They are delightful!' Well, that was really lovely to hear as I always think people must see us coming along with five boys and think, 'please don't sit next to us!' Especially on a nearly three hour ferry crossing!






When the boat was closer to the mainland we went outside to get some photos.










Those two bits of land are the mainland, Lewis is out of sight across the horizon.




Since returning back David has been playing more shinty. This time with a French rugby team. Yes Rugby team. A junior team were coming over to Scotland and wanted to know about shinty so they got in touch with our shinty team to ask if they could give them a day of coaching. My hubs is one of the coaches so he and David spent a sunny day trying to teach the French that shinty involves less bodily contact than rugby!
David handed them all a little momento from the shinty team at the end of the day.
The following day the same rugby team were involved in matches against Calum & David's rugby team. It was the first time either boy had played in a competitive match.
I have to admit that the French boys outclassed the Scots in every age group but it was great experience for everyone.


And David continued to show that he is an all round sportsman by scoring three tries! That's him hitting the ground in the photo below.



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  1. What fun to see all you "doings". I have never heard of Shinty before… looks is like hockey on dry ground? I will have to look it up. Love the picture of the three boys laying down together… so sweet. The ocean looks wonderful; makes me long to see and smell it. Have a wonderful Easter Kirsteen.
    Love and Blessings


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