Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter weekend fun, some makings and another birthday!

Last week the weather played ball for once and was perfect school holiday weather!
The boys were able to spend all day, every day outdoors - which I think is a boy's natural habitat!
They decorated the driveway with chalk drawings.


Alasdair (4) was delighted to have the stabilisers put on a 'big boy' bike.


See. Delighted.


And I even coaxed the teenager in the house outdoors too.
I told James (14) that I was about to do some woodwork and he was out like a flash!
I found scraps of wood lying around the shed from when we had the fence fixed last year and decided they would be perfect for the raised beds I had planned to add to the garden this year.


James said he wanted to build them for me, I just needed to draw him a plan. He was soon sawing and hammering away, while I got on with the task of digging away some turf to make space for the new beds.




It took us a couple of days to get these three done, in between baby naps and other tasks but don't they look good?! I still need to fill them with earth/compost but the weather has turned today!


On Saturday, while I got on with some heavy weeding and building a wee rockery round the front of the house, my hubs gave the barbecue it's annual spring scrub and so that evening we had our first of the season. Hopefully the first of many!
Incidentally, my hubs rarely cooks (although he can if needed to), which doesn't bother me at all as I see cooking the meals as one of my responsibilities, but when the barbecue is out it's his domain!
Last week was my husband's sister's birthday and so we went to help her celebrate on Sunday.


Everyone who knows her knows how much she loves purple. She asked us to buy her a new kettle as a present and so when we saw a purple one, well, we just had to buy it!


And of course the cake I made her was purple too!


Even on the inside!


The final day of our Easter weekend was spent at a nearby Country Park. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the forrest.


Some pine cone grenade throwing and ambushes!




And some fun in the park.






All that fresh air makes for some happy but sleepy boys - some with coordinating onesies too!


How did everyone else spend the Easter weekend? Anyone do anything exciting?


  1. Oh, your weather looks wonderful! And all the things you accomplished during that sunshine!, how impressive!
    We had a nice Easter w/ my parents. Since my freezer thawed the week before, we had a turkey that was already defrosted! Fortunately, the freezer was mostly empty...waiting for our summer berries to freeze and our lamb and/or beef in late summer!
    We've also seen some sunshine, but not enough to plant the flowers I bought last week....still too much rain going on for us to get outside.
    So nice to see all of your pictures! Your young men are so handsome! and growing! Wow! James is very tall!
    Have a great day, Kirsteen!

    1. Oh dear, I hope you got your freezer fixed! I'd be a bit lost without our one. And I hope you get some sunshine too. Ours has disappeared and isn't forecast to come back for the rest of this week anyway, so I'm glad we made the most of it while it was here!

  2. You've really inspired me with your veg beds! can you please explain to me (total novice gardener) the need for the wooden frames? is it just to keep things separate from the grass? I have access to old fencing at the moment so could definitely make them but just wondered! thanks.

    1. The main reason I decided to build raised beds rather than just a patch of veg is because our soil is so rubbish! It's really heavy and clay like and hard to grow things in it. By building the beds higher than the level of the ground I can add lots of nice new soil and compost and make it a nicer growing environment.

      I built three separate boxes along here ( I have another two in the pipeline too for another part of the garden) rather than one big one so that it is easier to separate out what I'm going to grow and to rotate my crops in future years - if I have success this year that is!

    2. Thank you, that actually really helps me as the area I want to use is bordered by a neighbour's hedge so I will need to improve the quality of the soil for planting. am keen to watch your progress. now I better decide what to plant and how to do it! many thanks,again.


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