Saturday, 5 April 2014

Things I'm loving....

We've been busy, busy this week getting a few things ready for a big birthday celebration next week, which is why I haven't posted much. I really want to share some of what we have been working on but it's still Top Secret. The big birthday is my dad's 60th and since he reads my blog then I can't share our craftiness with you until after the big day!
In the meantime, here are a few of the other things that I was loving this past week though.
Actually, let's start with a couple of weekends ago when my hubs and oldest son took part in the sponsored sleepout that the homeless charity my husband works for organise every spring. We set James the fundraising target of £50 as I thought he would mostly be getting sponsorships from his friends and maybe a few teachers. I shared his Just Giving page on my Facebook though and he smashed his target!
He managed to beat his dad's total by about £30 too so he was even more chuffed! Plus, he even managed to get a little sleep on the cold car park floor that night, unlike his father who was one of the organisers and was up and down all night checking everything was OK.
I think last year the charity raised around £39,000 from the sleepout so it will be interesting to see how much they raise this year.
Moving forward to last weekend and to Mother's Day. As is our tradition for Mother's Day, the boys cooked Sunday lunch with dad. This was the place setting that David (8) set for me....
....and here is the lovely lunch - roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, mashed tatties, cauliflower cheese and roast vegetables. I did take pity on them and make the Yorkshire puddings but the rest was made entirely by them.


My husband commented that it's not actually that hard making a roast dinner, it's just getting everything ready at the same time that's tricky! They did really well though and lunch was delicious.
Calum (11) made his yummy Chocolate Coca Cola Cake for pudding but I was too eager to eat that to remember to snap a photo of it!
I've also been loving my lovely new Cath Kidston apron these last couple of weeks. I was given a voucher for the Cath Kidston store for my birthday back in September but I only got round to spending it a few weeks ago!
The apron is so pretty I found that I had forgotten to take it off the other day when I popped in the car to collect my husband from the train station when he finished work!


And finally, this little man and the fact that every time we pass one of these doggy charity coin collection things he asks me to take his picture with it!





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