Monday, 17 March 2014

Make it Monday - Calum's Crochet Ripple Blanket

I mentioned in last week's Make it Monday post that Calum (11) has asked me to make him a blanket too.
He wants a stripy blanket so I showed him a granny stripe or a ripple stripe to see which one he preferred.
He chose the ripple and I'm using the ripple pattern from Attic 24, which you can find here.
He also chose the colours himself: a turquoise blue, a lighter blue and an apple green. It's also going to have the occasional cream stripe in there.
He was very concerned that it should be long enough to have a good overhang on his bed and so when I was doing the foundation chain he kept asking me to make it a bit bigger. And a bit more!
Fraser is helping give the scale in the photo below and even though the blanket isn't lying flat, you can see that it will certainly be nice and wide for him.


The Attic 24 pattern is really easy to follow, with lots of clear pictures for those who are more visual learners.
Sticking with Calum, here's another make.
His class had organised a Bake Sale at school last week and this was his contribution.


Rainbow cupcakes. Made entirely by himself.




James (14) was calling them 'play dough cupcakes' but that didn't stop him from wolfing down the ones that Calum left at home!


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  1. Beautiful blanket pattern and I like the colors for a boy. Calums cupcakes are beautiful. Great job. I bet they sold well. Loved your Lemon chicken recipe…left a message there.


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