Monday, 10 March 2014

Make it Monday - Crochet Memory Blanket Update

Time for a rather long overdue update on how my year-long crochet blanket project is coming along.


I'm really pleased with how the colours are looking together and how the randomness isn't too random! All the blankets I've made before have been strictly ordered in both colours and patterns, so I was a little bit worried at first if I would like the randomness of this project. Now I'm not worried at all and love the way the colour pallet I've chosen works together.


Now to explain the special squares so far.
Here is a closer look at the left hand sight of the blanket.
Middle row, far right, is the African flower square I made for my granny's 90th birthday. All female birthdays are going to be marked by this square but not necessarily in the same colours.
Diagonally down to the left of that is the multi-blue square for Fraser's baptism. Any special days for the boys, other than birthdays, will be marked by this same multi-blue square.
Then on the bottom row, the square with the purple circles is to mark the day my aunt passed away.


Now here is the right hand side so far.
On the top row there are 3 grey squares followed by two multi squares with grey centres. These are for the week that Fraser had a touch of bronchiolitis at the start of the year. The multi squares are the days he started to improve.
The second last square on the top row is based on Captain America's shield and is for our huge Marvel fan James' 14th birthday.
In the middle row, two along from the flower square, is another multi-blue square to mark Alasdair's first morning back at nursery since Fraser was born (he only goes two mornings a week).
And the light green square was to mark a day a couple of weeks ago that felt almost like Spring.


I'm currently 7 days behind but hope to catch up this week and then begin crocheting what I've done so far together. I did a few squares today to fill in the gaps in the top photo. Now just imagine there are another 7 squares after that green one at the bottom!


It's such a fun project!


It's not actually the only blanket project I have on the go though. Calum (11) has asked me to make him a stripey blanket so I have that on the go too. I've told him that he needs to wait till next winter for it to be finished and he's happy with that, but more about his blanket next week.

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  1. This is very special Kirsteen. I like it very much. What a wonderful idea, and inspiring. I imagine everyone will love it when it is done, and will have to fight over it.

    Love and Blessings,


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