Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Another eczema update for Fraser

Fraser still continues to be seen once a week by the dermatologist at our local hospital. It's been our weekly trek since the beginning of the year but I am glad they are taking such good care of him and his skin.
Each week we would go back and there would be little to no improvement. His skin would be swabbed. We would be told his skin showed infection and then he would be put on a course of antibiotics. It would clear a little but then come back again. He would be swabbed again a few weeks later. Another infection. More antibiotics.......and so on.
Last Monday when we were there, the doctor asked for more swabs to be taken and also suggested we try adding a little bit if Milton sterilising solution to his bath. She said that not much research has been done here about it but that studies in the US have shown it to be a great help for children who have repeated skin infections.
So I went straight from our appointment to buy a bottle.
We started adding it to his bath that evening, when his skin still looked like this....




By the end of last week it looked like this....







He still has the redness and the itchiness in patches but the weeping a crusting has gone for the first time since the start of the year.
His scalp had also been completely covered in the scaling a weepy skin and it's so lovely to be able to snuggle up to him without him sticking to you!


I hesitate to say that this is him on the mend, as every other time we have seen an improvement it has only been for a few days before flaring up again. But this is now a week without a flare up and I'm thankful for even that. He has been dropped down a strength of steroid for his face this week and so I'm also a little nervous that the eczema will creep back up because of that.
He is also on another course of antibiotics, a different one, as last week's swabs showed another Strep infection.
Although he has always been remarkably content despite his soreness, this past week we have really seen his little personality shine through.








I'm so pleased for his sake that he has this little window of relief.

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  1. catching up on your posts! First off, I have to say your little guy is just sooo adorable - and he looks so snuggly! I am very glad his eczema has cleared up a bit - hope it is staying that way!


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