Monday, 2 September 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

I always feel as though I have neglected my corner of blog-land when I go for a week or more without posting, and I also miss the interaction with my readers too. The reason for my absence last week was not an exciting one but simply that I was full of the cold! Whenever I get a proper cold I get a horrible dry, barking cough which I know must drive everyone around me quite mad, it certainly does me! 

For a few nights in the middle of last week I was hardly able to sleep because of the cough and found myself sitting downstairs at 2am drinking hot toddies. That's hot water, honey, lemon and a dash or two of whisky (purely for the medicinal properties of course!) These always remind me of when I was younger and my dad used to make me up what we called a 'potion' when I wasn't well. I should make it clear that he did not add the whisky back then! Instead, and because I'm not really all that fond of the taste of honey, he would add a couple of teaspoons of raspberry jam to hide the taste, which made for a lovely soothing warm fruity drink.

Anyway, I've been feeling a lot better since the end of last week and am almost back to full health again.

Here are a few of the things that have been going on in the last week while I've been absent.

David (7) and Alasdair (4) set up an animal hospital one afternoon and looked out all of their doggy teddies.

Here Alasdair is carefully giving this doggy a jag. He said that the dog needed to have the jag three times and there is a perfectly good reason behind why he thought this. You see, he always comes with me to my midwife appointments, the last of which was about 6 weeks ago. It was the week of routine blood tests. There was a student midwife in the clinic and I agreed to let her take the blood. I did warn her, however, that I don't have great veins and that quite often they don't succeed in getting blood first time, which she didn't, and so the midwife herself had a go, which was successful. Because I am rhesus negative and my husband's blood group is positive I also need to get a couple of anti-D jags throughout my pregnancies (and after delivery if baby turns out to have the same blood group as daddy) and so it was also the scheduled week for one of those, making three jags in one clinic. Alasdair's little game makes perfect sense in that context!

We ticked another Herbie movie off our list (two more to go I think.)

James (13) continues to love making Airfix models. Here he lets Alasdair help him paint one of the Spitfires.

Calum (10) and David have both joined our local rugby team in the last couple of weeks. They both love the full contact, physicality of the game. Calum was proudly counting the bruises up last week after training! When signing them up I had to fill in a form confirming their eligibility to play for Scotland, should the day ever arise!

And finally, as well as the usual rough and tumble moments, there are also the calm ones. Like on Saturday morning when I found Alasdair and Calum watching some cartoons like this...


  1. That last picture of the boys is so, so cute. Love boys in jammies. What is a jag? Is that what we call a shot? So sorry you have been sick. It is worse during pregnancy isn't it?

    I'm thinking that the last Herbie movie you watched was "Herbie Goes Bananas"? My personal favorite (particularly as we just got back from a cruise ourselves). Marie played "The Love Bug" for the boys while she and the boys were here. They watched that one several times. It was definitely a hit with them
    Hope your over all of your symptoms very soon.
    Love and blessings, Pam

  2. Chuffed you remember my "potions"! How do you know I didn't slip a little drop of malt into it!


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