Wednesday, 25 September 2013

No boomerangs allowed.

Those of you who have had the joy of living with a 4 year old at any point may well remember the constant, constant questions that seem to fill their days. Their minds seem to be working overtime as they try to work out the world all around them and they have questions about everything!


Some of Alasdair's questions these days I pass on to his oldest brother - that is those that are super hero or transformer or soldier related. Then there are the tougher questions that need to wait for dad to come home and answer. But mostly the way his little mind works is quite hilarious!



For example, the other day we were watching some Looney Tunes cartoons and he asked,


"Why is he called Sylvester? Syl-VEST-er? Is it because he wears a vest? Because he doesn't look like he is wearing any clothes!"


But one of the funniest things he has said this week was when we were out and about in the car at the weekend.


We stopped at a set of traffic lights that looked just like this....


Suddenly Alasdair piped up from the back,


"Huh? That traffic light says - No. Boomerangs. Allowed."


Sure enough, closer inspection of the lights showed that he was absolutely right!


We saw the same sign in the hospital car park on Monday when he had a check up with the Dermatologist.



As we walked back to the car he said,


"Look Mam, no boomerangs allowed in here either!"


I still haven't told him want the sign actually means. I'd rather he keeps his sweet, funny little idea of what it means for now!



  1. LOVE it!...."no boomerangs"....wonderful! Makes me smile!

  2. Oh! I'm going to think of him every time I see a "no right turn" sign, now ~ boomerangs!!

  3. Ahhhh so adorable!!! Yes, perfect sense to me hehehe! Winston has been very chatty and inquisitive as well. This age is such fun! :)

  4. How sweet! What a joy kids can be - their outlook on life is so unique, and often makes me smile when my younger siblings look at something "regular" and give their view of it. :-)


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