Monday, 30 September 2013

Make it Monday - Alasdair's Granny Square Blanket


Well, my aim was to get this blanket finished before the new baby comes along and I did it!



Last week's task was to sew in all those loose ends on the back before I could add the finishing touch of a border round the whole blanket.

And here is the finished blanket!
It's the biggest blanket I have made so far and took me just about three months of working on it on and off to finish it.
Here it is with the proud little owner giving you a sense of scale.


He has tested it out on his bed....


...and if it wasn't so dark in the photo you could see how well the colours go with his Thomas the Tank Engine duvet covers.


He has also tested it out for snuggly-ness....


....although he's not the only one who has tested that aspect of it!


He has also said that he doesn't mind sharing it sometimes and so it has proven to be the perfect size for snuggling up for some after bath reading time.



In fact I have even come through to find the teenager of the house wrapped up in it whilst reading on the sofa, but I won't affect his coolness rating by sharing a photo of that!



  1. Very nice, and so, so cozy. I imagine that you probably will have orders to fill for all of them now. It is satisfying isn't it to get one done. It looks so soft, and I like the color scheme. Also, love the "No Boomerangs" post (previously)... too cute for words.
    Having a Great Week Kirsteen,

  2. So beautiful! What wonderful colors!
    Our entire family just giggled and giggled at the "no boomerangs" post too!

  3. I love it! Actually, I don't know what I love more, the blanket or the little Spiderman lying on it! Great job! You need to try bavarian crochet now (my newest love)!

  4. Hello, Hooray the blanket is so cute! And may it always be a treasure and a cozy memory for your son!
    Now, you better get started on the Baby blanket.... :)
    Blessings, Roxy


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