Monday, 23 September 2013

Hitting the headlines...

Well we didn't quite hit the headlines, but last week I received an email from a reporter at one of our Scottish newspapers asking if she could interview me about our experiences of living with eczema. It was National Eczema Week last week and they wanted a topical article for their Women's section.


I was only too happy to help out and so later on in the day completed an interview over the phone.


At tea time the same day a freelance photographer came out to take a photograph of our family to accompany the article. He took lots of fun shots of the boys as well as the eventual family photo that appeared alongside the article.


The article appeared in the paper on Friday and you can read the online version here.


Overall I'm quite pleased with the article. They only made a few mistakes - Alasdair was never in hospital for three months but AT three months, and the baby photos they used were all of Calum, not Alasdair like they said. I did send them some photos of Alasdair as a baby too, which showed even worse eczema, but to be fair to them they did look very similar!


I'm hoping that someone somewhere who might be struggling with a child suffering from eczema might take some help from the article and at least know that they are not alone, because on those long itchy nights it can certainly feel that way sometimes! I'm also glad that the local eczema charity, Eczema Outreach Scotland, are given a good mention in the article as they are a really friendly help for families dealing with eczema.


What I really loved about the article though was the excellent family photo that was taken! I don't know when we last had one taken of all of us and I love the way he caught James looking at Alasdair.





  1. That is wonderful Kirsteen. I am looking forward to reading the article. What a great family photo of you all. You never know what will make you famous do you? Have a great week.

  2. Hello Kirsteen, Now that is a fun way to get a new family photo :) Smile!
    Your looking really good! Looking forward to seeing the new pictures of the new precious baby soon!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I saw the picture on Facebook and just loved it! It is a fantastic picture!!! We are the same, we really need to update our family picture ;) I love that they featured you and the family and were able to share all your knowledge. I know you must have blessed many including me with your information and experience. You are such a great comfort as well. I can't wait to meet you all in person one day! :)


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