Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekend fun - Sports and Heroes

We were very kindly offered a couple of free tickets to the 6 nations, Scotland v Italy rugby match on Saturday.

Only a week earlier David (7) had watched his first rugby international on the TV (England v Scotland, if you don't know the score, don't ask!) and he absolutely loved it! He was so animated watching the whole thing, yelling at the screen like a proper sports fan. Calum (10) also enjoyed watching the match, he just doesn't get quite so openly excited as David does! James (13) just isn't really into watching sports at all. Isn't it funny how different they can all be?

So, both David and Calum were super excited to hear they would be going to Murrayfield to watch the match.

I'm pretty sure daddy was quite excited too!

It was a really exciting game for them to watch, made even better by the fact that Scotland won! Not just in a scrape through kind of way either, but rather convincingly, 34-10.


On Saturday evening my beloved and I took advantage of the fact that my mum is down on holiday with us just now and escaped for a child free dinner out.


Despite a great day out at the rugby and an evening in with granny, the highlight of the weekend was yet to come!


On Sunday morning we sat down in church and noticed that sitting behind us was one of the players from the Scotland rugby team - Euan Murray. He was visiting our church as he is good friends with another couple in the church.

Our boys, admire Euan, not just for his playing abilities, but for the stand he takes. He doesn't hide the fact that he is a Christian and he refuses to play rugby on Sundays. He has taken, and still does take a lot of hassle for this stand from others in the world of sport and beyond. And yet, he proves his worth as a player and is chosen for the International team.

In today's culture, where dubious 'celebrities' have such an influence over our youngsters, I think it is so great that someone like Euan is out there taking a stand. He isn't outspoken about his beliefs, but will talk openly about them if asked.


He was so nice to the boys when they spoke to him over a cup of tea after the service, taking a genuine interest in them and signing their church news-sheets. He also gave James and Calum verses to memorise.


I often think about how tall James is looking these days. He is less than a head smaller than me now, but standing next to Euan he still looks pretty small!

Alasdair, as is usual with new people, took fright and refused to go in the photo.


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  1. What fun. I think it is wonderful that you were able to see Euan at Church and have pictures taken with the boys. It is really wonderful to know there are still good role models for our kids. Eddie is a sports fan as well... it is almost all he talks about. He loves soccer, basketball and football (the American kind) the most. One of his favorite football players is Tim Tebow, who had played for the Denver Broncos (our team).. he was often in the news because he too is a Christian and would always pray before each game, and has not compromised his faith. His family were missionaries and so on. He was traded to New York, and there was big upset here in Colorado because of it... even signs on business expressed their views... it was nice that even though sometimes the news or certain commentators would be negative about his faith... the people loved him, and appreciated his faith. Have a great week.
    Love and Blessings,


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