Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pancake Day

We celebrated Pancake Day yesterday in the same way we do every year.

Cooking up a batch of pancakes (technically, crepes, as pancakes are thicker and smaller) and having fun seeing who can flip them over the best without dropping them.

It all started off quite calm and civilized with Calum & Alasdair's turns.

Then it all got a bit more farcical when James and David took their turns! But that's all the fun of it.

David filmed James' turn, which may be quite obvious when you watch the clip! You can also hear that granny was still here too, even though you can't see her.

I'm curious though, is Pancake Day just a UK thing? I thought maybe it was, but then I thought maybe not since it's for the start of Lent, which is obviously not just a UK thing!

Do let me know!


  1. We don't have Pancake Day here... I think we need to start it though.. I love it; I feel absolutely starving for some crepes... so then, do you eat the pancakes next... and do you put anything in/on them. I love your video, it made me feel as if I were right there in the midst of you. Love your boy's laughs.

    1. Thanks for clearing it up for me Pam! Yes, we do eat the pancakes after flipping them. Which is why I was reminding each boy as he flipped his pancake that that was the one they were eating, to encourage them not to drop it! The boys eat theirs with golden syrup (I think maybe you call it corn syrup?) and my mum and I had ours with Lemon curd and creme fraiche.

      In the past I think pancake day was how households used up the last of their eggs, sugar and flour before the start of Lent the next day, so taking away the temptation to make and eat cakes in Lent. So the story goes anyway! Now it's just an excuse to eat pancakes :0)

  2. Pancake Day - I like the sounds of this! :)

    Like Pam said, we don't have anything so official here in the states, but some friends of ours celebrate "Fat Tuesday" (same sort of thing...finishing up the good stuff before Lent starts) each year by making batches of donuts and delivering them to all their friends (yums!), so we're familiar with the concept. :)

  3. Looks like a ton of fun! We giggled right along w/ your boys!


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