Saturday, 16 February 2013

Things I'm Loving (a little late!)

I started this post at the weekend but then life took over and I didn't get it finished!

Since I already had the photos in position I thought I would go ahead and finish it off anyway.

So, these are a few of the things I was loving last week.

My mum was down with us for a week. Whenever she comes down she brings my brother and I a wee food parcel of things that we can't buy down here!

My absolute favourite is this hot smoked salmon. It has a beautiful peat smoke flavour but the texture is of cooked salmon rather than the slightly slimy texture of traditionally smoked salmon.

The boys like going out for treats with granny when she is here. Plenty of coffee shop stops! This was David enjoying the last one before we took her to the plane home.

Another of our coffee shop stops was to our favourite garden centre, where Alasdair loves to go and see the fishies.

The weather last week went from heavy snow.....
 almost Spring like a few days later!

It was great for the boys to get outside to play again after months indoors.

The snowy weather does give an excuse for comforting puddings though, like this bread and butter pudding madewith left over custard doughnuts!

James (13) was also doing a spot of baking last week. These triple chocolate muffins were quite delicious.

Finally, loving 'just because' presents from my beloved. A Lindt milk chocolate bunny is my most favourite Easter treat!


  1. The Salmon sounds wonderful. I love smoked salmon, but have never had it quite like that. There is nothing like "Mom" visits... Mom is the one who always brings those special things, and makes ordinary days feel like Christmas to kids and grandkids. No doubt your boys thoroughly enjoy her visit.

    My brother and I love to look at fish. We had fish tanks when we were growing up, and never really got over it. He still has a huge one. We used to have them when the kids were little. I got to help Nathan and Himilce get one for Elon's birthday... and they just got it set up (they waited until they moved in to their new home to actually set it up).

    You commented on my blog about morning sickness. I had the same thing happen to me, but it was a suede coat that did the deed. I wore one when pregnant with Nathan, and to this day, the smell of suede gets me feeling a little nauseous. Isn't it strange how that works. I didn't have the morning sickness near like you did; just the normal, but it still affected me like that.

    1. My boys would love to get a fish tank. Calum is such an animal lover but given their allergies and skin troubles I think fish are the best option just now!

      Funny about the coat! I hope it wasn't one of your favourites!

  2. That bread pudding looks and sounds delicious! I haven't had bread pudding in a long time. The snow looks so pretty! Not sure if we will get any more snow. Temperatures seem to be warming up around here. :)

    1. It was lovely and sunny here for a few days but cold and frosty with it. I am really looking forward to spring now though!


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