Friday, 8 February 2013

Mary Berry's Baking Bible Challenge

This week I bought a book I have been after for quite a while. 

It's a cookbook, of course, written by perhaps the nation's most loved of cookery writers/presenters/judges - Mary Berry.

It's not just me that's a fan in this house, the older 3 boys all love watching the Great British Bakeoff. I am not allowed to watch an episode without them here, and this last couple of weeks they have really enjoyed watching the documentary The Mary Berry Story.

So, I decided to set myself a wee challenge.

Since, you know, looking after a household of four boys and a hard-working husband just isn't enough to do really.

Seriously though, this isn't a tricky challenge, and one that everyone will benefit from.

I decided that since Mary Berry is the Queen of home baking, I would try and bake my way through her Baking Bible. 

That's a fun challenge, right?

Some of the recipes I will adapt to be allergy free, others I will do as written. I have only come across one recipe on my quick flick through that is quite nutty, and I may just give that one a miss. Given the number of nut allergies in the house I don't really like to cook with them any more!

We have already made a start, and the boys have been willing helpers. Calum (10) made the flapjacks entirely on his own. We used dairy free margarine and added dairy-free chocolate chips (the chocolate chips were one of Mary's alternatives to the basic recipe) and they were a hit!

James (13) helped me make some profiteroles for pudding another day.

We served these with our own chocolate sauce recipe (equal quantities of chocolate and cream, melted in a pan). They didn't last long!

I'm hoping to get a recipe or two from the book baked every week, and then I will share the photos of the results (which, judging by the first two we have tried look to be super yummy) on here.

I need a little help from my lovely readers though.

Can anyone think of a catchy name for my challenge?

I'm thinking that the Mary Berry Baking Bible Challenge doesn't exactly roll off the tongue!


  1. How about "Bake it Like Berry"?


    1. Oh I really like that one, Arlene! It's definitely the front runner at the moment! Thanks!

  2. Hi Kirsteen, I think everyone needs to try your cream puffs Yummy! I bet those smart wee boys of your have a few ideas for your name of this challenge.
    All I can say is the whole family will always remember this project!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. How about the Mary Berry Baking Bonanza? I love that your doing it... and look forward to all the pics... and recipes of your favorites. Anne (Homeschool on the Croft) was just talking about Mary Barry too. I hadn't heard of her before, but now I am interested in her. I love that your boys like to get in and take part. My older boys were the same... and still like to cook.

    Love and Blessings,


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