Wednesday, 16 May 2012

No stopping his creativity...

We are starting to see a slight improvement in James' hands today. It's taken about 48 hours for the antibiotics and stronger steroid cream to kick in. 

Yesterday he couldn't even stretch his hand open to hold a glass of juice the skin was so broken and sore, but tonight he managed to do so. 

It's not holding him back though.

He might have been struggling to hold a pencil properly for the last few days, but this afternoon he managed to put together this animation for a class project.

Everyone in his class has to do a project on any subject of their choosing. They still have a few more weeks to work on it but tomorrow they need to do a presentation on what they have done so far.

James' strong point is not with writing but with art, and it is great that his teacher allows them to use all sorts of media for their projects, and doesn't want them to do just a written report. 

He has chosen D-Day as his subject, and has (before his hands fell to pieces) begun working on a poster with a drawing of a battle scene and lots of information boxes around it. He will also give a presentation on the subject and is working on an animation too.

For tomorrow's presentation he has made up a wee trailer of his animation, in the style of a movie trailer, which is the delight I have for you all tonight.

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  1. This is SO awesome, a great future ahead for that one there is (my best Yoda impersonation)!


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