Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Poor James has been having a tough time of things recently with both his asthma and eczema. 

 In the Easter holidays he came down with a cold, which didn't really bother him too much but, as it usually does, it went into his chest and his asthma flared up. He was left with a nasty cough that was disturbing him through the night and he was needing to use his reliever inhaler far more than usual. Almost once an hour. 

A few weeks back we went to see the doctor who confirmed a chest infection, prescribed a course of antibiotics and altered his asthma medication for a while. A few days later and his chest was on the mend. 

However, whenever any of the boys are under the weather their eczema also flares up, and this time was no different. Although James' chest was back to normal, his skin wasn't and his hands especially were in a terrible state. Now it was his skin that was waking him up through the night rather than his cough. Add to that the fact that Alasdair still wakes up itchy though the night and you can imagine how much sleep was going on for mama - especially the night last week that Calum was up through the night with a migraine too!! 

 Anyway, yesterday we were back at the doctors and James is now on another course of antibiotics, this time for his skin infection. The doctor looked over at Alasdair and decided he could do with a course too! James has also been given a stronger steroid cream to get him through this too. 

 AND, and this is where the 'ouch' comes in, as if he didn't have enough going on just now, James is getting ready to have braces fitted in a weeks time as his teeth are overcrowded at the top. In preparation for this he had to have two adult molar teeth taken out on Friday. He was so brave though. Having never had any teeth out before, I was amazed at the size of them! He hasn't complained once about his gums, although we haven't tried him with a chewy steak yet!

I had thought of finishing the post off with a photo of his teeth, but healthy and clean as they are, I still find them kind of gross to look at, and it makes me just want to run upstairs and brush my own teeth just to make sure I never have to have any of mine pulled out!



  1. Golly I hope the week ahead is smoother sailing for you all. I had my wisdom teeth out two years ago and it was a way worse experience than childbirth in the end because I got dry socket in the root...anything to do with having teeth pulled just makes me shudder nowadays so your boy is VERY brave!

  2. wow. What an absolutely crazy week. Kudos and encouragement to James - I think I would have just broken down and cried at the culmination of all these "ouches"! My friend had her wisdom teeth pulled out a while back, and I know what you mean about the size! Good gracious...how do they even fit in there?? :)
    Hope this next week is more restful and sees everyone feeling leaps and bounds better!


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