Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Storms and Promises

In the typical way that we Brits are obsessed with the weather, the last few days when I've seen people and they have asked about our holiday to Lewis last week, they have asked what the weather was like.

My reply has always been that the weather was stormy and that we didn't mind, as no-one goes to Lewis in October for the weather. In fact, no-one goes to Lewis in the summer for the weather either! Or anywhere else in Scotland, for that matter.


Although the weather was rough, I did get these lovely rainbow shots.

They were taken from the front seat of my mum's car (she was driving, don't worry) as we drove in to James' singing competition.

I do love rainbows, and all that they promise.

I love the brightness of the colours in this next one, and the focus on the rain on the window.

In each of the photos you can see the second rainbow quite clearly too.

Genesis 9: 12-17

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  1. Beautiful pictures. We love rainbows, too! AND the promise they represent.


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