Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Holiday time again!

Well the reason that the houseful of boys has been quiet for the last week or so is that all the noise, mayhem, fun and laughter has been coming from my parents house, where we are having a wee holiday again.

This week the Royal National Mod is taking place up here in Stornoway, the Isle of Lewis.

The National Mod is an annual Gaelic music competition.

There are solo instrumental competitions (fiddle, chanter, pipes, accordion and clarsach); drama competitions; solo singing, grouped by age; poetry recititation; story telling; choral singing and folk group competitions all for children at the start of the week.

The second half of the week coniststs of the adult competitions which are solo and choral singing only.

This year was our James' first time entering the solo singing at the National.

His singing competition was yesterday and he sang really, really well. There were 20 boys in his age group and the results were really close. Although he didn't get a placing, we were really proud of how well he had done in his performance.

He also took part with his class in the drama competition on Monday and they came third!

The Mod is all about celebrating our language, culture and music. The moto is 'Ar canain 's ar ceol' (ar canan s ar cy-ol) - Our language and our music.

I'm all for this celebrating our culture and language but there are quite a few Mod parents for whom winning is everything, which is really sad.

We have been keen to pass onto our boys that it is the taking part and doing your best that counts. There are far more important things in life than winning.

I was as proud of James' attitude in taking part as I was of his actual performance.

And also of how handsome he looked.

The website of the National Mod is here, if anyone is interested.

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  1. James looks very handsome! How wonderful to participate...solo singing! WOW! Very nice, James!
    Seems like a lovely activity! Glad you had the opportunity to attend and participate!


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