Monday, 10 October 2011


I love the area where we live, especially the leafy-ness of it (yes, I know that probably isn't a word).

We moved here 9 years ago, and when we were looking for a house I remember driving down the road our street is off and thinking how pretty it was, and how lovely it would be to live there.

Then we saw the perfect little house for us for sale in one of the streets off that road and a few months later we moved in, just a few months before son no.2 was born.

I especially love to watch the leaves as they change at this time of year, and the kaleidoscope of colours they display. 

Every autumn I have thought of taking a photo every week to see how the colours change as autumn progresses but have never got round to doing it before now.

This year I have made it one of my autumn projects.

This is the street I am talking about and also my Autumn-Watch Week 1.

There is quite a lot of green still around, although the trees in the distance are more autumnal. I'll need to try and get them clearer in next week's shot.

Our street is off to the left there where the white markings are.

Just as a reminder of what lies at the end of Autumn, this next photo was taken from almost the exact same spot in the middle of last winter.

I think it is also beautiful in it's own way, but boy do I feel cold just looking at it!


  1. I love your autumn project idea! I think I shall do it too!
    Your photos are is a beautiful street, leafed or snowed! Do you have snow consistently in the winter?
    Hope you have a great day, Kirsteen!

  2. I agree...that snowy picture gave me goosebumps (ok, so it probably helped that it's 40ish outside and still chilly inside). But it also makes me want to visit the UK even more!

    Are you going to post your weekly Autumn pictures? Here, we pretty much went from the gorgeous leafy green of summer to the half bare trees with a ground of brown, dead leaves. :( Maybe next year I'll get my pretty colors back.


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