Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Creative Space

I have a couple of crochet projects on the go just now (when do I not?!) but this week they have been put to one side while I work on the boys' costumes for their fancy dress party at Boy's Brigade this Friday.

The boys themselves all decided that they wanted to dress up with a co-ordinating theme, and so they chose Marvel heroes.

James has chosen to go as Captain America (of course), Calum as the Hulk and David as Thor.

Captain America is almost done, I just need to sew up his gloves.

Here he is so far, with the rather proud wearer.

He said to me tonight, 'I love it, I didn't think it would look this good.' 

I'm pretty sure that he didn't mean that he thought my efforts would be woeful at first, but what he meant was that he knew it would be good, just not this good. 

Pretty sure.

I'm particularly pleased with the boots.

Tomorrows task is to make another pair of these, in a different colour, for my little Thor.

Here was our inspiration for Captain America.

I also need to check if we have any green face paint for Hulk, source some green tights for him, make Thor's boots, finish Thor's tunic, add some blonde hair (yellow wool) to Thor's helmet, finish Captain America's gloves....

Deep breath......

Linking up with lots of other inspiring creativity at My Creative Space and also at The Train to Crazy.

And don't worry, I'll be sure to let you all see the end results! 


  1. Wow Kirsteen - doesn't sound like you've time to sleep tonight. Great costume though - looking forward to seeing the others.

  2. Great job! Can't wait to see the entire cast! We're also sewing this week....regency attire for a ball scene in a fun! Hope your sewing goes smoothly, but I know those grateful boys make it all worth the time spent!

  3. I have a household of boys too and my youngest just saw the avatar of the costume and said to click on it. He loves the dress up costumes.


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