Monday, 10 November 2014

Weekend Happenings

This weekend saw the first batch of this seriously yummy Christmas treat being made. I shared the simple recipe for it here last year.

There was none of this left by the end of the weekend!

This weekend saw both Bonfire Night celebrated and Remembrance Day, well, remembered I suppose.

Every year we go to watch the fireworks display that takes place at the cricket club a few minutes walk from our house. My brother, sister in law and their boys usually come with us too and everything was on schedule for a repeat this year - despite the fact that my brother had had a cycling accident and needed surgery to an injury to his face the day before!

However, when the time came to leave our house we looked out and saw that it was pouring rain. Nobody protested at all at the suggestion that we just stay home, try and watch the fireworks from an upstairs window and then have some fun with sparklers if the rain stopped later.

The rain did stop and the boys and their cousins were able to enjoy the sparklers.

Sunday morning was dry, and not frosty like last year's Remembrance Sunday which was bitterly cold.

We joined the crowd at the town Civic Centre for the Remembrance Day service. 

James was taking part in the parade with his Army Cadets.

Each year I remember my grandfather and so many men like him. An ordinary island crofter who was called on to do so much more than ordinary things. It's hard to imagine, not just what they went through, but how they were then able to come home and live their every day lives again.

Calum, David and Alasdair were taking part in a different service with their Boys' Brigade and so when we were all home again I thought I would try and get a photo of them all dressed smartly.

It took quite a few shots but I eventually got a couple where they all looked reasonably happy together!

Looking at them all so happy together, mucking about and making silly faces in the out-takes....

...I can't help but think of the many mothers who saw/see their sons off only for them never to return.


  1. Your dessert is making my stomach growl. We have a similar holiday we call Veterans Day. What a handsome bunch of boys you have. Loved all the pictures.
    Love and blessings,

  2. That dessert looks amazing!

    We just celebrated Veterans Day yesterday. I am thankful for my Grandfather's who have served.


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